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Organic Food Delivery


Tomatoes (Cherry Vine) (250g) (Glos)

250g of cherry vine tomatoes from Gloucestershire. Perfect for salads and Mediterranean dishes.

The Community Fund

By purchasing this item, you will pledge £3 (or more if you increase the quantity)... read more

Aubergine (Gloucestershire) (approx 350g)

This soft, delicious vegetable will absorb almost any flavour you put with it. This makes... read more

Avocado (Hass) (2 Count)

Hass Avocados from Peru. They can still be slightly hard when they arrive but will... read more

Beetroot (Bunched Red) (Devon)

Lovely bunched red beetroot from Devon. There's plenty of recipes for this versatile veg on... read more

Beetroot (Red) (Spain) (Approx 500g)

500g of red beetroot from Spain

Broad Beans (Approx 300g) (Kent)

Broad beans (500g) from Kent

Broccoli (Approx 500g)

A head of broccoli from Spain. A great addition to pasta and stir-fries, soups, salads and... read more

Cabbage (Hispi) (Yorkshire)

One Hispi cabbage from Yorkshire

Cabbage (Primo) (Lancs)

First of the UK cabbages. Ideal for eating raw in salads, as part a coleslaw or... read more

Cabbage (Savoy) (Lancs)

A savoy cabbage from Lancashire

Cabbage (Spring) (Lancs)

Spring cabbage from Lancs

Carrots (1kg) (Italy)

1 kg carrots from Italy

Carrots (Bunched) (UK)

Enjoy the leaves as well as the root of this family favourite with our sweet... read more

Cauliflower (Yorks)

A head of cauliflower from Yorkshire

Celery (Cambridgeshire)

A head of celery from Cambs (No plastic)

Chard - Rainbow (Our Fields)

Rainbow chard from our own fields

Chillies (Red) 100g

Red chillies from Spain

Coriander (50g)

A pack of fresh coriander from Somerset. New season.

Courgettes (500g) (Spain)

500g of courgettes from Spain

Cucumber Mini (Lancs) (2 Count)

2 mini cucumbers from Lancashire

Garlic (Fresh/Wet) (1 bunch)

Fresh wet garlic from our fields

Ginger (250g)

250g of Fresh Ginger (Peru). Adds a warm kick to any juice, dish or dessert.

Leeks (500g)

Leeks from Spain

Lettuce (Cos) (Our Field)

A Cos lettuce from our field

Lettuce (Red Batavia) (Our Fields)

A fresh lettuce from our field

Mushrooms (Chestnut) (300g)

300g Mushrooms (Suffolk)

Mushrooms (Portabello) (200g)

200g of Portabello Mushrooms from Suffolk

Pak Choi (Lancs)

A pack of Pak Choi from Lancashire. Great for stir fries. Crisp and fresh.

Peas - Sugar Snap (250g) (Our Fields)

From our own fields. Perfect eaten raw, in a salad or a stir fry. Fresh... read more

Peppers (Red Bell) (Approx 350g)

Approx 350g of red bell peppers from Spain.

Potatoes (Alexia) (1kg)

1kg of white potatoes from Yorkshire.

Potatoes (Cara) 1kg

1kg of Cara white potatoes from Yorkshire. A floury variety.

Radishes (Bunched) (Suffolk)

A bunch of radishes from Suffolk

Salad Bag (100g) (Our Field)

A 100g bag of summer salad leaves from our farm. 

Shallots (500g)

500g of shallots from France

Spinach (Our Fields)

A bag of spinach from our own fields

Spring Onions (Our Fields)

First of the season. A bunch of spring onions from our own fields

Stir-Fry Greens

A bag of stir-fry greens fresh from Somerset. Great or healthy and quick meals.

Sweet Potatoes (750g)

750g of sweet potatoes from Spain/Portugal

Tomatoes (Plum) (500g) (SPA)

500g of tomatoes from Spain

Tomatoes (Vine) 500g (Glos)

500g of vine tomatoes from Gloucestershire

Turmeric (100g)

Fresh turmeric from Peru. 100g.

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!

Nature-friendly farming

Nature-friendly farming

Healthy food

Healthy food

Local first

Local first

Ethical trading

Ethical trading

Waste not

Waste not

Community hearted

Community hearted