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Organic Food Delivery


British fruit & veg

Gert British vegetables and fruit for those committed to choosing the best, UK-grown organic produce around.

The Community Fund

By purchasing this item, you will pledge £3 (or more if you increase the quantity)... read more

A Meal Voucher (feeds two people who are homeless or vulnerable)

Thanks to the Caring at Christmas campaign, this voucher will fund a delicious meal for... read more

Beetroot (Choggia) (500g) (Lancs)

Inside the pink and white concentric rings look beautiful, especially when sliced and added to... read more

Beetroot (Golden) (Lancs) (500g)

Golden beetroot with looks and taste that takes some beet-ing. 500g

Beetroot (Red) (Lancs) (Approx 500g)

500g of red beetroot from Lancashire

Brussels Sprout Tops

A bag of tasty Brussel Sprout tops from Wiltshire

Brussels Sprouts (500g)

Brussels from Lancashire

Cabbage (Red) (Cornwall)

A red cabbage from Cornwall - not just for Christmas! 

Cabbage (Savoy) (Cornwall)

A savoy cabbage from Cornwall

Carrots (1kg)

1 kg carrots from Lancs

Carrots (Rainbow) 1kg

1kg of rainbow carrots from Lancs


A head of cauliflower from Cornwall

Chard (Rainbow) (UK)

Rainbow Chard from the UK

Chillies (Mixed Hot) (150g)

From our fields. These chillies are very fiery. A mix of chillies. Make great Chilli... read more

Kale (Cavolo Nero) (Our Field)

A bag of dark green, rich cavolo nero from our field

Kale (Green Curly) (Our Field)

A bag of Green Curly Kale fresh from our field

Leeks (500g)

Leeks from our fields

Mushrooms (Chestnut) (300g)

300g Mushrooms (Suffolk)

Mushrooms (Portabello) (200g)

200g of Portabello Mushrooms from Suffolk

Onions 1kg (Wilts)

1kg of onions from Wiltshire

Parsnips 1kg (Wilts)

1kg parsnips from Wiltshire

Pears (Conference) (500g)

500g of pears from the UK

Potatoes (Red) 1kg

1kg of red potatoes from Somerset. Floury and great for roasting!

Potatoes (White) (1kg) (Somerset)

1kg of white potatoes from Somerset. Waxy and great for mashing!

Potatoes - Salad (Charlotte) (750g)

750g of washed salad Charlotte potatoes from Wiltshire. Perfect with butter!

Purple Sprouting Broccoli (250g) (Our Field)

250g of purple sprouting broccoli from our field

Salad Bag (Winter) (Our Field)

A bag of winter salad leaves from our field. A selection of leaves, including some spicy... read more

Shallots (Spain) (500g)

500g of shallots from Spain

Spring Greens

Pack of fresh greens from UK

Squash Box (7kg+)

A 7kg selection of squash varieties from our field.

Turnips (750g)

750g of turnips from Somerset. Use raw and grated for fresh crunchy salads, or in... read more

Winter Squash

One medium squash from our own fields.Check out our Squash Guide. ... read more

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!

Nature-friendly farming

Nature-friendly farming

Healthy food

Healthy food

Local first

Local first

Ethical trading

Ethical trading

Waste not

Waste not

Community hearted

Community hearted