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Organic Food Delivery


Dairy alternatives

Explore our ever-expanding selection of dairy alternatives. From fresh oat milk to locally made cashew cheeses, there's plenty to try. Please note that due to availability, a few of these products are not organic. We are always on the lookout for new products, so if you see something that you think we should stock - get in touch!

The Community Fund

By purchasing this item, you will pledge £3 (or more if you increase the quantity)... read more

A Meal Voucher (feeds two people who are homeless or vulnerable)

Thanks to the Caring at Christmas campaign, this e-voucher will fund a delicious meal for... read more

Dairy-free Che*se - Blue (120g)

Brand new from Kinda Co. Mild and tangy with blue veins of spirulina. Much more easy... read more

Dairy-free Che*se - Farmhouse (120g)

Brand new from Kinda Co. This cashew-based farmhouse cheese has a sharp flavour reminiscent of... read more

Dairy-free Che*se - Garlic and Herb (120g)

Brand new from Kinda Co. A creamy cheese replacement, delicious on fresh, crusty bread or... read more

Dairy-free Che*se - Summer Truffle (120g)

Brand new from Kinda Co. A beautiful cashew cheese that's smooth and rich with the... read more

Oat Milk (Original Barista) 1 litre

1 litre of Minor Figures original barista organic oat milk.

ReRooted Almond Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

This delightfully fresh almond milk is creamy and sweet while still being distinctively (some might... read more

ReRooted Cashew Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

With a silky smooth finish and flavour that doesn't overpower the dish (or cuppa!) this... read more

ReRooted Coconut Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

Containing only triple-filtered water, organic coconut and Cornish sea salt, this is the cleanest and... read more

ReRooted Hazlenut Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

Creamy & smooth with a chocolatey finish. Warm this up and you'll melt into a... read more

ReRooted Oat Barista Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

The superior choice for hot drinks: creamy, foamable and bursting with freshness, we think this... read more

ReRooted Oat Milk (1 litre glass bottle)

We bet you've never had oat milk like this before. The perfect all-rounder, this top-shelf... read more

Soya Milk (1 litre)

1 litre of unsweetened organic soya milk from Sojade. 

Soya Yoghurt - Greek Style (400g)

one 400g pot of organic soya yoghurt, greek style, from Sojade

Soya Yoghurt - Natural (400g)

one 400g pot of organic soya yoghurt, natural, from Sojade

Tofu (Plain) (280g)

NEW PRODUCT. A 280g pack of Clearspot plain tofu.

Vegan Block (200g)

Naturli’ Organic Vegan Block, which tastes just the way it should. Melt it over hot... read more

Vegan Spreadable (225g)

A tub of Naturli’ Organic Vegan Spreadable. Perfect for sandwiches, melt it over hot sweetcorn,... read more

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We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!

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Nature-friendly farming

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Healthy food

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Local first

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