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Organic Food Delivery

Healthy food

We sell the nourishing, whole foods which should form the basis of a healthy diet. Nothing we sell is ultra-processed. 

Whether you eat meat regularly or are a staunch vegan, we believe that we should all be eating a veg-led diet, which is why we focus on veg boxes. All of our boxes are loaded with variety, helping you keep up a mix of plants in your diet, each full of different nutrients. A great way to fill your fridge every week.

We always prioritise veg from our own fields and from local producers who grow with the seasons. That’s because, as well as being better for the environment and supporting local businesses, eating local and seasonal means eating fresher, more nutritious food. For example, imported veg can have up to 50% less vitamin content than local equivalents because nutrients start to deteriorate from the moment the veg is picked.

We also believe that organic produce is better for our health. Regardless of the ongoing debate about the use of glyphosate and other synthetic herbicides and pesticides used in conventional farming which may harm our health, there's a growing body of research demonstrating that food grown organically has a greater amount and variety of antioxidants and micro-nutrients, as well as being better for your microbiome and gut health.

Do we deliver to you?

We deliver to Bristol, Bath, Chew Valley, Weston-Super-Mare, Frome and plenty of places in-between!