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Wild Steps

Thu 18th January 2024 11:00 am
to Thu 22nd February 2024 3:00 pm

Therapeutic conservation programme, 11am-3pm on Thursdays. The course runs for six weeks.

It is important for our wellbeing that we are not always ‘doing’, and we give ourselves time to ‘be’. Sessions include simple health interventions that encourage us to tune into and notice our surroundings, and activities that manage the margins at the farm and the rich ecosystems that they support.

You will have the opportunity to develop a range of practical conservation skills for instance hedge-laying, tree and wildflower planting/sowing, building and construction and pond maintenance to care for a mixture of habitats on the farm. These activities are combined with mindfulness, natural crafts, campfire cooking, folklore and seasonal celebrations.

Find out more about Wild Steps in this blog post by course leader Jason Leck.

Run as a block of 6 structured sessions, the Wild Steps course is framed by the 5 Pathways to Nature Connectedness*: Contact, Beauty, Emotions, Compassion and Meaning. These sessions allow people to experience relaxation in a safe and supportive space, foster a sense of community and develop greater awareness of how our connectedness to other life benefits our own wellbeing.